Mrs. Universe Asia USA 2023 Dr. Shreyaa Sumi, Billboard Model looks stunning in Los Angeles

Dr.Shreyaa Sumi is an International Model, who is officially selected to represent the Title Mrs.Universe Asia USA,2022 at Mrs.Universe to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria from Jan 30th to Feb 5th 2023. Mrs.Universe Ltd is a Bulgaria based organization. She is a Model, Influencer and a Mediapreneur, an Asian-American based in california. Representing many titles have gained Dr. Shreyaa the spotlight she deserves in the Media. She strongly emerges as Top Influential Women to look out for. It is a proud moment to add another feather to her continued success, she is featured on the Billboard ad campaign in Los Angeles, USA. Her stunning photo was shot by an award winning photographer in Hollywood.

Among her extensive list of accolades includes numerous international awards. The highest honour is Asia’s Women of Influence Lifetime Achievement Award has been conferred upon Dr.Shreyaa Sumi. Recently she is seen on the Global Achievers Magazine December cover page, sharing her inspiring story makes her one of the best personalities around the globe who are thriving more than ever. Every once in a while there comes a person who sets a benchmark for others to look up to. Dr.Shreyaa is one such accomplished woman with versatile talent. Dr.Shreyaa has worked on her ”Beauty with a purpose project” a social cause to create ”Domestic Violence Awareness” among women and girls for which she has collaborated with ‘Laura’s House’ an active advocacy centre located in california. A Ph.D holder in Media and Fashion, Dr. Shreya Sumi wants to highlight the oppressed and subdued side of the society to create equality and give tribute to the victims who often suffer in silence. By becoming a voice for many, she has dedicated her time and service by volunteering in the community through her involvement. She wants to use this opportunity to remind everyone that it is within your power to help and stop the stigma associated with it.

Dr.Shreyaa sumi says that it’s a dream come true moment to watch her advertisement campaign on the Billboard in the USA. For someone like me who started from scratch, things weren’t easy as it looks. Having earned international recognition, my achievements are beyond one’s wildest imagination but unless you refuse to accept your reality, you will never break through. I want to showcase that no matter who you are, where you come from or your background, or what you have done in the past, your size, height and weight etc You can achieve what you want if you follow your instinct with grit, determination, discipline and perseverance. Mrs.Universe platform paved me the way further in the industry to work with experts to display my skills. The significance of beauty pageant depends on the different systems and the values that come with it. It allows a woman to advance in her career if approached in the right way. Dr.Shreyaa is an example of hard work, resilience and self belief and has set the legacy for the future generations to follow. She has truly created an impact from building rock-solid confidence throughout these years by creating her own identity. She can be contacted for brand collaborations through

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