Miami Heat show interest in LaMarcus Aldridge

The Miami Heat miss what Jae Crowder got them at the four the bubble a year ago — strong defense and some three-point shooting. Kelly Olynyk has quite recently not filled those shoes, which has Miami searching for help at the four heading into the trade deadline.

Aldridge is no longer with the Spurs and the group is looking for a trade. The Heat are in any event kicking the tires on a deal, reports Anthony Chiang and Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

“And the Miami Heat is among the teams that has spoken to the Spurs about an Aldridge trade, according to a league source.”

It appears to be improbable that a Miami exchange for Aldridge meets up for two reasons.

In the first place, Aldridge isn’t actually an update over Olynyk now in his career. While there was a period Aldridge may have been the best power forward in the game — for instance, back in 2015 when the Heat sought after him as a free specialist — yet now in his career he doesn’t have a great deal of lateral mobility, which makes him a target when on defense. On the other end of the court, he can shoot the three (36% this season) and sets great picks, however he’s not drastically greater now than Olynyk.

The second reason is Aldridge makes $24 million this season. While the good news is it is an expiring contract — it would not stop up Miami’s books in future seasons — the challenge is the Heat need to send $19 at least million in player compensations to San Antonio to coordinate. Additionally, is Miami going to send the Spurs a youthful player of significant worth to rent Aldridge?

“How about veteran Andre Iguodala, who is earning $15 million this season? It would seem unlikely that Miami would include him in an Aldridge deal because Iguodala is the small-ball forward coach Erik Spoelstra trusts to play late in games, and Aldridge would not be able to fill that void as more of a traditional big.

“It would also be surprising if the Heat included any of its young assets such as Tyler Herro, Precious Achiuwa, Duncan Robinson or Kendrick Nunn in a potential deal for Aldridge.”

San Antonio is searching for a trade, however probably Aldridge ends up being purchased out by the Spurs. On the off chance that Miami can sign Aldridge on a veteran least agreement as a free agent, it makes sense to roll the dice. Yet, a trade seems unlikely.

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