Master John Gill Launches Los Angeles And Orange County Multidiscipline Classes

With this announcement, World Martial Arts Champion and 7th Degree Blackbelt Master Instructor John Gill offers regular classes for adults, children, and seniors in Hapkido, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Defense Fit to Music and his popular SAFE seminars. Guests now have the opportunity to learn these important skills while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. John Gill has been providing Training and Activities as part of his Teaching Program in Australia since Teaching his first Self-Defense Class (in 1985), and Martial Arts Classes (since 1987). He now brings those many years of experience to California’s Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

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The Launch comes in response to increased interest in sports and active living, plus the increasing awareness of the importance of knowing how to protect oneself from violence. In addition to Martial Arts and Self-Defense Classes, Multisport Activities are also available. All Classes are designed with health and safety in mind, and each Activity has been modified to be non-contact for maximum participant safety considerations.

John Gill’s Private and Group Lessons are held at the USA school of Self Defense and USA Multi-Sports .

As a Champion, Educator, and Master in Martial Arts, John Gill offers Martial Arts classes in Tai-Chi, The Martial Art and Olympic sport Taekwondo, and Hapkido (aka as the “original mixed Martial Art” and “the complete art of Self-Defense”). Each of the classes is designed to train the mind through quieting and strengthen the body through training.

“Defense-Fit” is a specially designed program where rudimentary self-defense forms are set to music to provide an aerobic workout. It combines training and exercise to strengthen student confidence and muscle.

About John Gill

John Gill is an experienced and accomplished Tennis Player and Coach. He is a former Australian and Pan Pacific Masters Tennis Champion, as well as a multi-medal winner of Pickleball Tournaments . As a 24-time World Martial Arts Champion holding 39 Total Championship Titles, Master Gill has been featured many times on Australian Television, the “John Gill Self-Defense” YouTube Channel, and in the book ‘Think Big’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

John Gill is also a International Motivational Speaker and a qualified IPTPA and PPR Pickleball Coach, Tournament Director and CEO of the World Pickleball Association LLC.

He also volunteers to deliver food to the homeless in LA and Orange Counties, and has formed the “SAFE Foundation for the Prevention of Violence and Homelessness” to assist the Poor, Vulnerable and Homeless.

Master John Gill has been inducted into the “USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame”, “The Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame”, and just recently into the “International Martial Arts Council Hall of Fame( IMAC)”, in addition to being featured in these books: “The world’s Greatest Martial Artists” and the “Who’s Who Of Martial Arts”.

The Launch of USA School of Self Defense and USA Multi sports in Long Beach and Newport Beach offers guests a unique sports experience to learn new sports in a flexible, low-impact environment; taught by one of the world’s most qualified and experienced Instructors.

As John Gill says, “Sports are good for you and provide great stress relief. We offer a little bit of everything, so there is something for every sports lover to enjoy, not just those who love Martial Arts, Tennis and Pickleball”.

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USA School Of Self-Defense

709 Lincoln Blvd.

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