‘Manifest’ remains No. 1 in Nielsen U.S. streaming rankings; Amazon’s ‘Tomorrow War’, Disney’s ‘Luca’ additionally score on an assorted weekly chart

Manifest held onto the top spot on Nielsen’s streaming chart for the third consecutive week, an amazing indication of popularity for a show whose future is dubious.

Not far behind, in the Nos. 2 and 3 slots for the week of June 28 to July 4, were original movies The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Video and Luca, a Pixar production on Disney+.

Manifest gathered barely short of 1.9 billion minutes of viewing in the period, a modest downturn from the 2.06 billion it had in the earlier week. Tomorrow War had 1.2 billion and Luca 1.16 billion. Series generally fare better compared to feature films in the Nielsen rankings as a result of the total-viewing methodology. They regularly have a sizable number of episodes, permitting a popular show to rack up more minutes of viewing.

Produced by Warner Bros Television and initially aired by NBC before a streaming berth on Netflix, Manifest has been in an in-limbo after its third season. After at first passing on keeping the science fiction series going, both NBC and Netflix have continued discussions considering the show’s remarkable drawing power in streaming.

Nielsen estimates just viewing through a TV set, which means mobile isn’t counted. The organization has been including streaming for Disney, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix for as far back as year. The numbers are released after an almost month-long delay, by game plan with the streaming services.

Marvel’s Loki gave Disney+ another strong title for the week. The four episodes accessible at the time accumulated 813 million minutes of viewing. Most Disney+ series, given the one-at-a-time release tempo, tend to gain minutes as the weeks pass.

The Ice Road, an original Netflix film offering a new spin on Wages of Fear with Liam Neeson, appeared in the No. 8 spot with 553 million minutes of viewing.

Here is the full chart:

  • Manifest (Netflix) – 29 episodes, 1.869 billion minutes of viewing
  • The Tomorrow War (Amazon Prime Video) – film, 1.2B min.
  • Luca (Disney+) – film, 1.16B min.
  • Loki (Disney+) – 4 eps., 813M min.
  • Cocomelon (Netflix) – 12 eps., 708M min.
  • Criminal Minds (Netflix) – 311 eps., 647M min.
  • Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix) – 375 eps., 606M min.
  • The Ice Road (Netflix) – film, 553M min.
  • Downton Abbey (Netflix) – 50 eps., 506M min.
  • Bosch (Amazon) – 64 eps., 490M min.

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