Lionel Messi won’t track down a preferable home over Barcelona, says Pep Guardiola

Enthusiasm Guardiola has been discussing Lionel Messi in the midst of speculation over the captain’s future and says the Argentine will “not find a better home” than Barcelona.

Another report this week has asserted Paris Saint-Germain have made Messi an offer, albeit the 33-year-old isn’t required to make a decision on his future until the finish of the season.

Manchester City have been previously linked with a move for Messi, however Guardiola has indeed emphasized his desire for the forward to complete his career at the Camp Nou.

“I hope he can finish his career at Barça. Messi will not find a better home than at Barça,” he said.

“The only thing that needs to be done, as our dear teacher said, is to go back to the origins, to rescue the cause of things, which makes Barça special in many things in the way they play.

“We know how to do it. The founding thing is already done. All you have to do is dust it off, put some oil on it, the nails … and do it again. There is no better club to do it.”

TV3 are likewise announcing that Messi’s dad has met with Joan Laporta for the first time to discuss a new agreement. A two-year deal was talked about and a potential future ambassadorial role with Barcelona.

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