Justin Melnichuk: Strives to Takeover the Sneaker Game

Justin has built Sneaker Kitchen himself but he could not have done it without his connections. How Justin gets all these pairs in bulk is through connections and the places around the world he sells to are also connections. People always say that business is built through connections but Justin has learned very quickly. People in powerful positions who know people are the main source of getting your hands on these exclusive sneakers.

Justin gets his pairs through a team of botters who can use his capital to get pairs in bulk. Crazy how he started by using his birthday money to buy a pair of yeezys and make his first profit. He built up from there to where he is now. Justin stays on top of the game to ensure that what he is dealing with is what is in highest demand at the moment.

Justin recalls a instagram story from an influencer named Benjamin Kicks who resells on insta. The video consisted of him in a pool with DJ Khalid captioned “Business is Boomin” This video to Justin was a prime example of how he wants to live life so he set out to learn as much as he can and make as much money as possible.

Some other achievements include being featured on a podcast and featured in a magazine. He talked about his start up including his small side hustles like reselling pools, trampolines and home workout equipment at the peak of Covid-19. Although he is dominantly a reseller of sneakers he has many sources of income. He works in a small warehouse right now and plans on moving to a store in Sacramento.

He also mainly works with brand new shoes so that he can get the most amount of money per shoe. Selling in bulk allows for larger amounts of profit and hiring botters allows for more pairs to hit without having to spend the fees of PC programs and bots. The whole process taught Justin how to work collaboratively with people but also taught him the fundamentals of running a business.

Find him here:

Personal IG – @justinmelnichuk

Professional IG – @sneakerkiitchen