‘It was genuine’ : Gathering of Seahawks Conquer on Flu Bug Versus Vikings

Seahawks cornerback Tre Flowers and beneficiary David Moore went from vomiting to creating Monday night.

Those two were among the players hit hardest by an influenza bug that began clearing its path through the Seahawks storage space halfway through a week ago. They joined to lose at any rate 22 pounds according to their observations, at that point made two of the greatest plays of the Seahawks’ 37-30 win over the Minnesota Vikings: a block attempt by Flowers and a 60-yard touchdown gathering by Moore.

Six Seahawks were recorded on the last damage report of the week with a sickness. A few of them were sent home. Blossoms stayed and rehearsed with an antiviral facemask covering his mouth. At a certain point Wednesday, he spewed in a trash can between plays.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen somebody do that — practice with a mask,” linebacker K.J. Wright said. “But he battled. He was sick, but he came back and got his IVs and made it happen.”

Moore didn’t rehearse Friday or Saturday. The Seahawks had Thursday off for Thanksgiving.

“It was on Thanksgiving Day. I was just like, screw this,” said Moore, who said he lost at least 10 pounds. “I couldn’t eat. That’s one of my favorite holidays too because of … the food. I just felt bad. I couldn’t eat my mom’s foot. I felt sorry for her.”

Blossoms said they shed around 12 pounds, and they was wheezing between reactions while conversing with correspondents postgame. They didn’t eat much on Thanksgiving, either.

“Thanksgiving was only one plate for me,” Flowers said. “It was bad. My mom’s here now, though. She’s cooking, so I’m going to get it all back. I’m going to try to tonight.”

Moore’s touchdown came in the end seconds of the second from last quarter, when they got fully open behind cornerback Xavier Rhodes on an evident inclusion bust. That pushed Seattle’s lead to 27-17. Moore’s other catch went for 5 yards.

Tyler Lockett, who was among the debilitated Seahawks, was held without a catch on three targets.

“It was pretty bad,” quarterback Russell Wilson said. “I don’t know if we’ve ever had that many guys miss practice and go home. Not just miss practice but have to go home for it. So it’s that time of year, I guess. But I thought all the guys played great. … You saw David Moore step in and just make a huge play for us, tremendous play. Tyler didn’t get the ball tonight unfortunately, but we were trying to get it to him, and they were just trying to stop him, but it opened up a lot of other guys.”

Protective handle Poona Ford, linebacker Shaquem Griffin and reinforcement monitor Jordan Roos were the other three Seahawks recorded with a sickness. Passage began the game, and Griffin played extraordinary groups and on protection as a situational edge rusher.

“I know a lot of teams had this flu thing, and it was legit,” coach Pete Carroll said. “Our guys did it beautifully because they really managed the attitude part of it, and I’m really thrilled about that because when you’re feeling that cruddy and that bad, and you’re throwing up and everything else you’re doing, it’s hard to have a good attitude. But these guys found a way, and guys contributed to helping them, and it was not a factor for us at all tonight. We played right through it.”

Blossoms’ final quarter block attempt of Kirk Cousins was their second pick in the same number of games and third this season to lead the group. They was a wellbeing at Oklahoma State before changing over to cornerback after Seattle drafted their in the fifth round a year ago.

“He’s really doing well,” Carroll said. “He’s playing better. He’s playing more complete a game, and his mentality is really strong, and he’s really believing in himself. It’s such a difficult position to play out there, and particularly for a guy that doesn’t have it in his history. He’s really grown into his own. He’s such a beautiful athlete, and he’s such a good competitor, and he’s a tough guy. It’s great to see him coming through and making it.”

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