How prodigy co-founder of ‘Boom Stocks’ trading app Brett Corrigan makes it to 2023

More and more young adults are entering the workforce and starting businesses in the hopes of making it big by employing novel approaches to financial success. Entrepreneurs like Brett Corrigan help level the playing field for investors by disseminating their trading philosophy and using trading data and the full breadth of today’s technologies.

Brett, known as Brett Trades, is 23 years old. He was born and raised in New York City, where he later earned a master’s degree in finance and began working as an equity researcher for a hedge fund that focuses on biotech and pharma businesses. Working in the finance department of a major investment bank sparked his interest in numbers and the stock market, which he pursued further in graduate school. After gaining experience in his area, Brett was able to expand his knowledge of investing and pass it on to others who were similarly interested. He has created numerous open-source algorithmic trading tools that are utilized by thousands of traders, and he has published scripts on the renowned investment platform Trading View. Brett is willing to share his open-sourced algorithms and techniques, as well as training materials through his YouTube and Instagram accounts, because of his commitment to his craft and his enthusiasm for the financial markets. Boom Stocks, a trading app available on mobile devices and desktop computers, was released after he made it his mission to give individual traders more agency. With the help of The Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) and the NASDAQ for financial data, he was able to develop a trading instrument that gave individual investors access to the same in-depth market information as large financial institutions. In addition to providing access to a wealth of free educational materials, the app also allows users to keep a trading notebook, watch the moves of “smart money” in real-time, and keep tabs on their own unique options activity.

Intelligent Order Tracking is built into Boom Stocks and is used to detect Smart Money trades by analyzing a wide range of order-related data in real-time. By evaluating relevant market data, the platform intelligently highlights orders and notifies users of their significance. Tracking and analyzing your Option and Equity transactions is a breeze with Boom Stocks and its Comprehensive Trade Journal, which includes helpful features like comprehensive optimization, P/L calendars, and Advanced Trade Tracking. Features in-depth market analysis, stock market analysis, trading possibilities, investing theses, earnings and economic calendars, and more.

With millions of views on Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube, and thousands of active users on Boom Stocks, Brett Corrigan is a role model for young people who want to achieve success and build riches.

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