Google Chrome on iOS receives first update in four months that fixes bugs; Chrome 90 update one week from now

Google pushes updates to its web browser Chrome every six weeks. Notwithstanding, Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad had not gotten any update for the past four months till now.

A new version of Google Chrome is at last accessible for iOS and iPadOS. Google began releasing app updates on iOS again in February, with the updates continuing till a month ago. Chrome, nonetheless, missed out on version 88 and version 89 altogether, as the Google-owned browser didn’t get updates for iOS for the longest time.

The most recent update for Chrome comes as Chrome 87 only, version 87.0.4280, to be exact. The update focuses significantly on bug fixes, notwithstanding there being no significant issues since the last release in November 2020.

Google is because of launch Google Chrome version 90 for all platforms one week from now, with Google Chrome for iOS finding new features. A 9to5Google report said that Google is testing Touch ID and Face ID to ensure open Incognito tabs.

A few changes were made to the App Privacy label for Chrome on the Apple App Store additionally in the new weeks. Under the “Data Linked to You” section, “App Functionality” now includes a user’s “Name.”

This, as indicated by reports, is because of how Google Pay in Chrome necessitates that detail to finish a transaction. “Crash Data” and “Customer Support” is moving under the “Not Linked to You” section. The new update is carrying out to iPhone and iPad clients by means of the Apple App Store.

Google additionally said that it will regularly assess our information needs to guarantee that it is just gathering information that is important to give and create valuable products and features.

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