German Firm Introduces a PV Charging-Parking System for Bikes and e-Scooters

An innovative parking and solar charging system for e-bikes and e-scooters has been created by the German business Domum.

It stated that while its Station-X system for e-bikes and e-scooters is anticipated to be ready in the summer, its E-Box solution for e-bikes is ready for the market.

According to Domum Chief Brand Officer Milan Miletic, “We are unique in combining solar and grid charging system within a safe parking infrastructure.” Milan Miletic spoke with PV magazine. “It represents a never seen before integrated concept including Bluetooth locking wireless technology.”

Up to four e-bikes can be charged using the 330 W solar module that comes with the E-box. It is constructed of Bluetooth-controlled locks for both manual and e-bikes, as well as galvanized steel. Its footprint is roughly equivalent to half of a typical parking spot for cars.

“It can be easily integrated into residential or business areas in just a few plug-and-play steps,” Miletic said.

For a total of 660 W, the Station-X system will include two 330 W solar modules. It can accommodate eight e-scooters, four e-bikes, or four standard bikes.

Miletic stated, “With a distinct design, it provides weather protection and organized parking space or charging for micro-mobility,”

All of the items, he continued, may be utilized as a basis for customizing branding. The items will retail for between €6,000 ($6,507) and €8,000.

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