Chris Pratt and an alum of Umbrella Academy star in the Terminal List prequel series

The Terminal List: Dark Wolf’s ensemble now includes a new star. Chris Pratt plays Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander James Reece in the upcoming Prime Video series, which is a prequel to the popular action show based on the 2018 Jack Carr book series of the same name. After returning home, Reece finds himself entangled in a web of memories and conspiracies. Five years prior to the events of the program, Pratt will play Reece’s former partner Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch) in Dark Wolf.

According to Variety, Pratt and Kitsch will be joined in the prequel The Terminal List: Dark Wolf by a new cast member. Tom Hopper, who starred in Umbrella Academy, has been cast as Raife Hastings’ series regular. According to the release, Raife is a “hunter, protector, guardian and Navy SEAL.” The character appeared off-screen in the season 1 conclusion of The Terminal List, and there have been hints of a future season 2 appearance for her. True Believer, the second book in the series, delves further into his relationship with Reece.

Prior to The Terminal List, Everywhere You’ve Seen Tom Hopper

It may be frightening for Hopper to assume such a significant part in the Terminal List cast, especially one with a long-term potential. But the actor’s track record of taking on long-running TV roles indicates that he can dedicate himself to a project of this magnitude. His most well-known part is probably that of the devoted and incredibly strong Luther Hargreeves, whom he has played throughout all three of The Umbrella Academy’s seasons thus far. He will also be returning for the show’s forthcoming fourth and final season.

Before being cast in the Umbrella Academy, Hopper had a number of other long-running television appearances. This includes voicing Sir Percival in 26 episodes of the BBC One fantasy series Merlin and Billy Bones in 34 episodes of the Starz pirate epic Black Sails. He has made appearances in episodes of the popular television series Robot Chicken, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones prior to being chosen to play Raife Hastings on The Terminal List.

Apart from his success on television, Hopper has also acted in action films, including Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard and Terminator: Dark Fate. He also portrayed Albert Wesker, a well-known video game character, in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, released in 2021. He will probably play a significant role in The Terminal List: Dark Wolf and any future editions of the show thanks to his background as an action hero and television mainstay.

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