California Collegiate Basketball Star, Davion Robinson Talks Taking His Own Journey

Davion Robinson is a collegiate basketball player at NAIA D2 school, University of Antelope Valley located in Lancaster, CA. The freshman star comes from Las Vegas, NV with strong Seattle, WA family ties. On the campus of University of Antelope Valley,

Robinson is known on-campus for being a player on the basketball team and a focused student. But Google results will tell you much more:

Davion Robinson is a popular and emerging American basketball player from Las Vegas, NV. He is widely notable for being the younger cousin of 3-time NBA dunk champion, Nate Robinson. He also has extended family such as NBA legend Doug Christie (Sacramento Kings) who grew up with his uncle and father.

Robinson comes from a strong lineage of sports-oriented families. Robinson had a sister who was a 2-sport star (track and women’s basketball). His sister was a standout for Federal Way High School and once had a standout performance that got her on USA Today. Robinson also has an older brother who played college basketball, an uncle who was a high school football standout, a great grandfather who played professional football, Wilson Gulley and still has many family members continuing the athletic legacy his family holds.

Within his family tree he’s had many college football/basketball players, high schools standouts, a few even made it professional in their respective sports.

But as more and more of his family find success and older family members still reap the fruit of their labor —— Davion Robinson is building towards his own legacy.

This past year, Davion Robinson joined the (now) 3-time CalPac Conference Champions to further his academics and athletic journey. University of Antelope Valley is a small school just outside of Los Angeles, CA. Their men’s basketball program this past season earned their third consecutive CalPac Conference Championship title. The team is led by Coach Jordan Mast.

Rather than taking the NCAA route, he has taken the NAIA route. Robinson stated that he “was not quite NCAA eligible and UAV was the perfect fit” for him. He mentions that “the high level of competition day-in-and-day-out has made me a better player and mentally stronger”.

Robinson was considered one of the late rising basketball players out of Las Vegas, NV prior to his senior year of high school after standing out at the ScoutsFocus Elite 80 Camp (Seattle, August 2018) and the West Coast Elite All-Star Camp (Utah, October 2018). Robinson graduated Silverado High School last year and is already notable for being one of the most notable alumni to attend the school.

But basketball is not just what many can recognize Davion Robinson from. He holds a (now) 18-thousand following on Instagram and has grown to become extremely notable in the eyes of the public. When asked about staying humble with many outlets featuring him and receiving recognition Robinson simply stated, “I credit my grandparents and mother mainly for instilling these values in me that I have been blessed to carry with me”.

As Robinson’s notability has grown rapidly, his desire to give back to his community has as well. Robinson is strategically planning to have a “non-profit youth basketball camp to give back to the community” he comes from. Robinson also mentioned that the opportunities of this in impoverished communities are extremely limited, rare and that he “hopes to change the trend of it”.

Davion intends to make his camp more than basketball and allow kids who come from similar backgrounds as him to see real proof of what good decision making and hard work can create. Robinson hopes to “influence the kids with a learning experience about work ethic, values and mannerism that I got from my family”.

Davion Robinson will no longer be just a collegiate athlete for much longer. As his notability has grown, he has become more influential within the youth and a role model for many kids from similar backgrounds as he has. Robinson mentioned he always tries to “engage and interact with” his audience as he hopes to never be “that athlete to ruin a kid’s dream”.

While Robinson is seeking success on-and-off the court, he has humbly built a name for himself to garner our attention and more is to come.

To see more on Robinson, go to his official Instagram which is @chosen1drob!

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