Bandon Custom Outdoor Home Office | 3D Design & Shed Installation Service Update

The company is an authorized dealer of traditional Old Hickory Sheds and now offers delivery and installation for customers in Coos Bay, Bandon, North Bend, Charleston, Reedsport, and the local area.

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With the latest announcement, the company provides a range of custom storage solutions to help customers more efficiently use their outdoor spaces.

While many people might think that clearing out their belongings or moving into a bigger home is the best way to create space, most don’t stop to think that there are alternative options. Oregon Coast Sheds provides customers with high-quality, affordable storage solutions in the form of sheds, barns, and various types of outdoor buildings designed to free up space within the home. The sheds and buildings available can be used for many purposes, from an outdoor home office to a tool shed, playhouse, or utility room.

One familiar design from the company is the Old Hickory Shed, which features a practical and recognizable silhouette. These sheds are made using quality materials to create a distinctive storage solution that utilizes both horizontal and vertical space and can add value to a property.

For customers who are worried about the affordability of a shed or outbuilding, the company offers a Rent-To-Own program that allows customers to pay for their product at a lower cost over a set period of months. All purchases from Oregon Coast Sheds also include delivery and installation costs, and the team will prepare the installation area by leveling it out before set-up so that each building is secure and safe.

The company provides a 5-year Fix It All Warranty on all items, which covers defects in the materials or workmanship, but not accidental damage. In order to get a clear idea of how a building might look when completed, customers are able to use the online 3D Shed Builder provided on the company website to design their custom shed. This also includes an estimated cost for the product.

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