Are you ready to overcome the midlife crisis affecting your present life?

Midlife crisis is a common problem all around the world. Approximately 26% of people around the age of 50 reported having a midlife crisis. This mental health issue is usually triggered by life changes such as divorce, job loss, loss of a loved one, retirement or moving. So, if you are asking yourself questions such as ‘Who am I?’, ‘What do I want?’, ‘Where do I want to be in 5 years’ time?’, ‘What is my calling?’ — you do not have to face these obstacles alone, and it is time to consider a professional Life Coach that would help you transit smoothly to a happier and more purposeful self.

Marie-Claude is a qualified Life Coach from The Coaching Academy and also has a certification in Harmonizing Wellbeing Coach. Marie had her own experience of this midlife changes and has been very successful with her clients in helping them to connect with their true self and find their purpose.

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Throughout her life, Marie trained and undertook many jobs and activities. Most of these jobs were just not fulfilling enough, so later in life, she trained as a counselor and as a Life Coach to support people and to make them feel happier in themselves. The strong desire to make a change in people’s life is her motivator.

Considering moving your life to a better place? Marie-Claude is offering two excellent Coaching Programs of 6 or 10 weeks. For both programs, the first session is focused on getting to know the client and building rapport. This is a crucial discussion that lays the foundation of the relationship. The 6-week program is a fast-track version of the 10-week program, where she takes you into deeper self-exploration using some counselling tools.

Thanks to her skills, and her warm and empathetic personality, your self-awareness, personal growth, and well-being will be heightened. You will reach the confidence you need to step onto your new path and be the leader of your life.

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