Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Will Now Include Nvidia’s Omniverse Technology

According to Nvidia (NVDA), Apple (AAPL) Vision Pro AR/VR headset will now have access to Nvidia’s Omniverse enterprise technologies. During its yearly GTC conference in San Jose on Monday, the graphics chip maker made the announcement.

Using the Vision Pro, the plan is to enable developers to leverage Nvidia’s Omniverse tools in an AR/VR environment. With the help of Nvidia’s Omniverse platform, programmers can make digital twins of real-world objects and locations to see how they will appear and behave.

Before any shovels are ever pushed into the ground, Nvidia claims that companies can utilize its Omniverse tool to virtually construct things like factories and see how employees will move around the complex.

During GTC, Nvidia demonstrated how a designer could virtually step into a vehicle and change various aspects of it using a car configuration tool via the Vision Pro.

The company claims that it can accomplish this with its Graphics Delivery Network, which sends data straight to the Vision Pro over the cloud, and its Omniverse Cloud APIs, or application programming interfaces.

According to Rev Lebaredian, vice president of simulation at Nvidia, “Apple Vision Pro is the first untethered device which allows enterprise customers to realize their work without compromise.” “We look forward to our customers having access to these amazing tools.”

This is a win-win for Apple and Nvidia. It guarantees that Apple’s premium headset can access Nvidia’s Omniverse and adds another enterprise option to Apple’s Vision Pro.

Most consumers find Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro to be too expensive, but business clients can typically afford such a price. Furthermore, the addition of Nvidia’s Omniverse technology to the headgear makes it a lot more alluring buy.

Nevertheless, it’s unclear if that will translate into a significant increase in Apple’s sales. If it does, Apple’s bottom line and the Vision Pro may benefit greatly from it.

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