Apple Watch Series 7 may produce blood glucose monitor, patent portrays the tech

Apple may very well bring new health-focused technology in its Watch coming in the not so distant future. The new Watch, tipped Apple Watch Series 7, might have the option to screen blood glucose without drawing blood. Also, another patent currently shows how that tech may be actualized. The patent application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) named “Terahertz Spectrosopy and Imaging In Dynamic Environments With Performance Enhancements utilizing Ambient Sensors” expresses that the iPhone creator can use absorption spectroscopy to acquire non-invasive blood sugar readings.

Additionally referenced is that the tech could utilize terahertz electromagnetic radiation as opposed to utilizing light to go through the body to recognize “gas, health/quality of liquid or solid materials.” But the patent likewise specifies a possible issue. The usage of the tech could bring about the Watch losing water resistance. The blood sugar reading must be precise too. In the event that the reading is off by somewhat, the client may end up taking an excess of insulin and bring on a hypoglycemic or low blood sugar attack, reports Phonearena.

What’s more is that the tech could mean faster battery drain than previously and if the watch can fit-on the whole the components. On the whole of this would mean an increment in the cost of the gadget.

The report adds that a similar tech can be utilized to distinguish skin cancer and other related issues. Notwithstanding, albeit the patent doesn’t really imply that Apple will bring blood glucose monitors to Apple Watch, it implies that the organization is at least thinking about working on it. For what’s worth, Samsung is additionally expected to bring a blood glucose monitor in its next smartwatch that is relied upon to show up in the not so distant future.

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