Anuj Harshwardhan Sharma – A man on a mission

Often overlooked are the people who need us the most, they have few people to look up to – For help, for guidance or for just kindness. Orphan kids are some of those who have no one to look up to and are highly exploited across the globe but is there anything that can be done except contributing to the various amazing NGOs helping them? What if you want to help but don’t have enough finances to commit? Anuj Harshwardhan Sharma was in this dilemma a few years back, living in India with limited resources, there wasn’t much he could have done but he wanted to make a difference. He tried to help as much as he could just like many others but realized that there was one thing many of us were missing. Money is not everything, it can fulfill many needs but not all, sometimes all these children want is someone to talk to, someone to learn from, someone to imitate and someone to get guidance from. All of us get these things from our parents and siblings but what about those who have neither? When Anuj came across this question, he decided to find answer. When he couldn’t get an answer, he decided to create one.

This is where the idea of “Parenting an orphan child mission” came to his mind. He knew that there was no way he can fulfill all the needs of millions of orphans across the globe but he knew that if he can reach out to them, he certainly can satiate even if partly their need of looking up to someone, their need to learn from someone, their need to call someone their own.

Being an author of many books, he decided to use his writing skills to reach out to them. He started noting down things that we learn while growing up from our parents and how those things teach us and shape our future. He started writing a book and titled it ‘Look within – I’m your mother’. In this work he tries to reach out to orphan kids across the globe and covers what their mother would have taught them if she was with them, her support, her expectations, her teachings, Anuj has tried to cover all of this but he knew while compiling this book that no amount of words can cover a mothers contribution to the life of a child. Still, he took up the challenge and created the unique book targeting the orphan kids. To make sure that orphans across the globe get the benefit of his work, he waived his copyright on the book and is reaching out to authors across the globe to download his work, modify it the way they like and take that work to the orphan kids in their country and community. He has provided a foundation on which author community can work and make a considerable difference in the life of those who have no parent.

If any of the reader wishes to continue what Anuj is trying to do, you can download his book from his website and add parts to it, modify it, edit it and take it to orphanages in your community. Even if on a miniscule level, this project has the ability to bring a positive change in this world and Anuj is inviting people from across the globe to do their part and help in fulfilling his dream, where kids who have no one to call their own begin to feel that this world has not abandoned them. Here is a man who is on a mission and he is looking for kind hearted and passionate people to join him to make a positive difference in our world.

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