All You Need To Know About Lipo 360- The Best Fat Removal Procedure

Liposuction is a fat removal procedure in which small holes are made in order for plastic surgeons to remove excess fat. You can get liposuction on your abdomen, thighs, chin, arms – mostly anywhere!

While liposuction is a well-known procedure, it comes with a decent amount of problems. To combat your decline, new versions of the surgery have been developed to reduce the side effects and potential complications.

One example is Lipo 360, which is a liposuction removal procedure that covers the entire central area rather than a single body region. Let’s get into the differences, the advantages, and the disadvantages of this surgical body compared to its traditional counterparts.

What is the Lipo 360?

Normal Liposuction focuses on one area of ​​the body at a time. While this may be helpful in trying to reduce fat on the skin, it may interfere with the large abdominal region. The main reason is that with regular liposuction, your body contour may appear uneven or cracked, giving you completely unexpected results.

For example, a person may need liposuction to remove fat from his waist. However, the end result may be due to hip dips, or indents on the sides of the hips resulting in an unpleasant body texture.

Lipo 360 is a comprehensive procedure that combines liposuction removal of the entire central area (front and back) to give you a smoother and more defined abdominal profile. It means that measurements for the entire intermediate phase will be considered before the process begins to avoid any irregularities resulting from oil removal.

Sometimes, this procedure is called liposculpting, as it does more than just remove fat. In many cases, fatty acids may be diverted from one part of the body to another to form a more defined and desirable joint.

Lipo 360 Process

The best Lipo 360 Miami incorporates traditional liposuction methods. The big difference is that it covers the areas of your entire midsection, including your back.

First, your plastic surgeon will give you some form of anesthesia to reduce the area. Then, small holes will be made in the areas where you want to remove the oil. These holes are no more than 5 mm wide.

Then, a small tool called a cannula is inserted into the hole to eliminate loose deposits. These are then removed with a surgical vacuum or syringe, depending on how much oil is removed.

In Lipo 360, the following oil connection processes can be completed to achieve the desired body contour. By bonding, the oil is extracted from one place to another. For example, fat from your stomach may be added to your waist to make you look curvier.

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