A New Magnetic Band Mechanism Seen in an Apple Watch X Render may Result in a Longer Battery Life

Apple Watch X (Series 10) renders provide credence to a long-running rumor. As of right now, the bands are fastened by slipping their ends into slots on the top and bottom of the watch. This slot occupies enough space inside the gadget to stop Apple from adding a larger battery to the Apple Watch in order to extend its battery life.

The band would wrap around a “handle” that is located at the top and bottom of the watch, according to the Apple Watch X renders that @concept_central shared on “X”. Using the “handle” should allow more space inside the watch module for a larger battery because there isn’t a groove cut out at the top and bottom like there is presently.

Although bezels will be slimmer and the OLED panel on the Apple Watch X is anticipated to be brighter and more power-efficient, another modification that was purportedly being made to the watch—the adoption of a microLED display on the wristwatch replacing the OLED panel—may not occur. This may provide the Apple Watch X with the longest battery life of any Apple Watch ever.

Another change that was supposedly being made to the Apple Watch X, the use of a microLED display on the timepiece replacing the OLED panel, is not going to happen although bezels will be thinner and the OLED panel on the Apple Watch X is expected to be brighter and more power efficient. That could give the Apple Watch X the best battery life ever seen on an Apple Watch.

There are also rumors that the Apple Watch X will be equipped with an upgraded blood pressure sensor that alerts wearers if their readings are abnormally high or low. The user’s real blood pressure reading, including the specific systolic and diastolic values, may be provided via a future model of the Apple Watch. According to reports, Apple will continue to alert customers if their blood pressure is abnormally high or low for the time being.

It would also be fascinating to watch if Apple and Masimo can come to an agreement such that the pulse oximeter is added back to the iPhone. As most of you are aware, Masimo filed a lawsuit against Apple for patent infringement, and an International Trade Commission judge dismissed the case.

Finally, the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 with the pulse oximeter cannot be sold in the United States by Apple due to an import prohibition imposed by the ITC. Apple will need to either develop a new sensor that doesn’t violate Masimo’s patent or pay a high licensing fee if it doesn’t want to wait until 2028 to restore the feature.

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