Roku battery-powered remote listens for ‘Hey Roku’ voice commands, prices $30

Roku battery-powered remote listens for ‘Hey Roku’ voice commands, prices $30

Roku is giving its remote a lift. On Tuesday the streaming goliath declared its new Voice Remote Pro, a battery-powered controller for its different media players, streaming sticks and smart TVs. In the wake of showing up in a preliminary program recently, the new far off is accessible now at the equivalent $30 as its standard “enhanced” voice remote and highlights a battery-powered battery and an earphone jack for private listening as well as the “1” and “2” customizable buttons that appeared on the Roku Ultra.

Likewise new is a midfield microphone to allow for hands-free control without contacting the mic button. Simply say “Hey Roku” to issue commands, from looking for shows to launching applications to turning on your Roku TV (the last requires the TV’s Fast TV Start feature to be turned on). Roku says the mic will get commands from up to 12 feet away.

You can even say, “Hey Roku, find my remote,” to make the remote to play a sound through its built-in speaker. Effectively accessible in the iOS or Android Roku applications, this ought to be a helpful feature for individuals whose remotes frequently become mixed up in the couch cushions.

In case you’re worried about privacy, a physical switch on the side of the remote can kill the continually listening feature, and you can in any case press the mic button when you need to issue a command.

Roku says that the far off, which utilizes the older Micro-USB standard to charge rather than the modern USB-C port, will actually want to run for two months before you’d need to plug it back in. There is no remote or solar charging, with the organization saying that it ought to have the option to completely recharge in a few hours.

The new remote will work with all Roku TV models, soundbars, and players released since 2017 including the new Express Plus and Streambar Pro. It’s on sale now at Roku’s site and will be accessible soon at different retail outlets where its accessories are sold.

The individuals who don’t need the more current features, or prefer the ability to supplant batteries, can in any case get the “enhanced” remote or other Roku voice remotes independently.

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