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A VoIP service gives us many advantages, and one of the most important among them is the ability to use a virtual phone number. A virtual phone is a secondary telephone number that is associated with a particular conventional telephone line or a device or subscriber.

This telephone number is useful as a routing number, and any call that originates from any other number and is routed through the IP telephony line can be terminated to any other telephone line of the user as per his choice.

As such a virtual telephone number is just a routing number and does not represent any particular termination point in the telephone network, and is solely used for diverting the calls that are received on this telephone number to another number or device as selected by the user.

A virtual telephone number offers many advantages to the user and this is the most important feature of the present-day IP based VoIP systems. When you have a virtual telephone number you

  • Can forward the calls received on this number any present number as per your choice


  • Need not have to go for the second phone line if you want to have a separate phone number for your business and you can receive the calls from your business associates on your phone line even though they will be calling you on your virtual telephone line designated by you as your business phone line.
  • As the same line you are using is used to receive the calls made to your virtual number there is no necessity for the purchase of additional hardware. You can manage with only one phone line, and you can manage more than one virtual telephone number.
  • Yet another advantage of a virtual phone number is that you can avoid paying long-distance phone charges in IP telephony and thereby help you save more money otherwise you will be spending on your telephone.
  • A virtual telephone number offers many features like call forwarding and Find Me or Follow Me the type of services that add more value to your telephone services.

In the US, the virtual phone numbers are called a Follow-Me number, and it is common for the users to have more than one of these numbers configured for the same phone line so that they can enjoy the benefit of having separate phone numbers for different purposes as they want. But in the United Kingdom, the virtual phone numbers are called personal numbers.

In practice, the virtual phone numbers are usually configured under area codes that do not have a physical area code connected to them and use those that are not used by regular telephone companies. These virtual telephone numbers can be set to forward calls to specific telephone numbers of devices depending on various terms set by the user of the virtual number.

One of the primary uses of the virtual telephone is that they can be used in such a way that the person using that number may appear to be in a particular area code while in reality, they may be in any other place or countries or even can be on the other side of the globe still be able to make local calls with those in that area code.

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