Kansaltancy Ventures Is Redefining Success

Kansaltancy Ventures Is Redefining Success

Kansaltancy Ventures is a global firm that works with young entrepreneurs to assist them in expanding their businesses by reorganizing their procedures. It is specifically for all new business owners who desire a better strategy to make their company profitable and known. Kansaltancy Ventures gives appropriate guidelines and tips to make the firm funding-ready so that investors may invest in it when it is at the excellent stage.

Tushar Kansal is the genius behind this organization, and he has the expertise to assist new businesses to succeed. He made the most of his career by raising equity, debt, acquiring companies, and mentoring. Kansaltancy Ventures has a fantastic track record of service, having collaborated with over 1000+ global investors and advising over 5000+ startups and growth-stage firms.

This multinational corporation is still in its early stages, but it is determined to succeed based on its strengths. It not only helps a business flourish in the marketplace, but it also helps it excel based on the rules of sustainability. As a result, it is also assisting several fantastic firms in the sphere of impact, therefore advancing UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) such as environmental preservation, women’s engagement, and corporate governance compliances.

The Rule Of Success For The Company

Tushar has a sense of helping others via his job, which is why he came up with the unusual notion of assisting other entrepreneurs. Tushar wanted to transform the perspective of his organization and make them appear like partners in a world where every company sees each other as a competitor. This distinct sense of vision has led to his being named “Business Leader of the Year in Investment Management” by the “Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry” in 2021. Business Connect magazine named him “Entrepreneur of the Year 2022.” Aside from that, he is referred to as a “Thought-Leader” and a “Thought-Influencer.”

He has assisted numerous large firms in the fields of EdTech, FinTech, Consumer B2C, B2B & D2C, AgriTech, Disruptive, Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain, and DeepTech through Kansaltancy Ventures. He is in charge of all startups, whether they are tech-related or not.

Tushar thrives in finance since it is his strong te. It’s all because of his MBA in Finance from the University of Delhi. Following his MBA, he attended Harvard Business School for Executive Education in Leadership. All of this excellent schooling enabled him to obtain expertise and understanding in the area, allowing him to eventually manage his own business.

The “Best Startup Supporter”

Kansaltancy Ventures was also awarded the “Best Startup Supporter” at the “IndiaFirst Tech Startup Conclave 2022” by the “All India Council for Robotics & Automation – AICRA” by none other than Dr. Kiran Bedi.

His firm currently operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and India. But all of the recognition and demand have had him thinking about expanding it and going worldwide in the future. However, this should not deter you from doing business with them because they are the greatest in the market and are entirely redefining success by assisting other struggling firms. You may just visit their website to learn more about them and contact them for their services.

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