Is Kylie Jenner Keeping Plastic Surgery A Secret From Fans?

Kylie Jenner in 2010 vs 2019 seem to confirm plastic surgery

Kylie was only 10 years old when KUWTK first aired on E! in 2007. Fans of the show have grown up with her; watching her evolve through puberty and now into motherhood. They love getting little weekly glimpses of Kylie’s lavish lifestyle and following her on Instagram.

Like other young celebrities in Hollywood, she has received her fair share of criticism about her looks. From once being called the ‘ugly’ Kardashian sister to hundreds of plastic surgery accusations, Kylie has definitely been through the ringer.

While it is normal and totally natural to look different as you age (duh!), Kylie does look considerably different today at 22 than she did at 18. And fans are having a hard time distinguishing between what is her ‘natural’ aging, and what might be fake. To complicate matters, she also recently had a child, Stormi, almost 2 years ago.

Fans and media critics cannot help themselves but continue to accuse her of having plastic surgery. And despite repeatedly shutting down all accusations, fans still don’t believe her. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she has denied having lip fillers in the past.

Nevertheless, she shouldn’t feel ashamed of having a procedure from one some of the best plastic surgeons of Louisville – but maybe she actually likes the extra attention.

She’s known to love the spotlight

Anyone with over 150 million followers on Instagram must like a bit of attention. And always keeping fans guessing is a great way to stay in the headlines.

When Kylie was previously accused of having plastic surgery back in 2017, the stories took the media by storm.

But a source close to Kylie and the Kardashian family shared a more sinister perspective. Speaking with reporters, the source said, “If she (Kylie) did have implants, I don’t think Kylie will ever admit to it though, because that’s just the way she is. She loves all the speculation, because it keeps her in the news, and Kylie loves to be the centre of attention.”

Will it be the next ‘Lipgate’?

Remember ‘Lipgate’? When Kylie repeatedly denied claims of having lip fillers but she eventually had to come out and tell the truth?

That incident alone could be the reason why fans are still skeptical of her today. However, she was only 17 at the time and likely under a lot of pressure to be perfect.

For the past four years, fans have continued to scrutinize her body and speculate that she’s had a boob job. They are also dead set that she has had a butt lift and rhinoplasty. The most recent wave of accusations happened just after she posted photos of her in her Princess Ariel costume from The Little Mermaid.

Fans and surgeons are more convinced than ever that her breasts are definitely fake. She looks much like video vixens of most rap videos in 2019 (as this one: Rich life Forever). Maybe this extra pressure will push Kylie over the edge, just like with the lip filler scandal.

Nothing wrong with getting a procedure from some of the best plastic surgeons of Louisville

Is it really a big deal though if Kylie has had plastic surgery from some of the best plastic surgeons of Louisville? Not really. Variations of cosmetic surgeries have been around for thousands of years, so it’s totally normal. Kylie also has the right to keep personal matters private. And a boob job is definitely a private procedure.

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