Erica Mena shows her cravings for her favorite dessert

So all of us know that Erica Mena is pregnant and here she is sharing details about her favorite desserts. Erica Mena Shows Fans Her Cravings for one of her favorite desserts and also she recommends it to all of her friends to have it. In one of her posts, she said, “I ordered all my friends @ sugar. feen Oreo Stuffed Slutty Brownies & they call me to say that HANDS DOWN is the BEST brownies they EVER had. They are infused with 3000 mg CBD (but I have mine without) & LOADED with MANY chocolates.” She subtitled her post with, “I’m obsessed.”

Someone said, “Where is mine? I’ve been your day one since love and hip hop, what happened? Aight I see what it is like … no baby shower needed no treats no wedding invitation smh. I thought we were cool lol … I love you girl and I’m happy for you.

Another follower said, “Hello, Erica congratulations to you and your hubby !! You didn’t send Oreo Stuffed Slutty Brownies to your neighbor in the north.

Someone else posted: “You probably give the best that I knew you were going to blast from the 5th episode of love n hip hopefully you made that show period, it wouldn’t be sh * t without your grace beauty rough attitude and smart personality I am happy to be a fan of yours your journey has been a wonderful experience to watch you grow now, you have everything that Eve asked for more meer& # 39;

One of the followers asked Erica & 39; Where can I try or order what? I LOVE BROWNIES !!! Or maybe if I’m super lucky. You will see this & also send me an order! But that is a dream! I’m a scorpion-like to you! 11.10 #day. It would be a great birthday blessing!

It is not long ago when Erica shared one of her pictures where she showed her baby bump. Safaree is sitting right there next to her, rocking her belly. It would not be wrong to say that her social media has been flooded with all kinds of her pregnancy pics. Her fans say that she has been slaying throughout her pregnancy. Her fans feel that she looks classy and has glowed throughout her gestation periods. People are waiting anxiously to see her with her baby girl.

Someone posted, “How is that Ms. Sammuels is pregnant with a Girl and look so beautiful. Girls take away your beauty but she is just glowing.”

Another posted, “I can’t wait to see mommy and daughter twinning, we all know you will be extra with it.”

Another follower asked Erica: ‘When is that baby going to come out? By the way, you look gorgeous.’

Another fan posted that we all cant wait to see Eric and Safaree’s baby:‘I can already see the matching, mommy and baby girl, outfits!!

Well, let’s all have patience and see when is she going to twin with her little Tinker Bell. We are sure it would be great.



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